Joanne Element June 10-43

Choosing someone to work with

When you are choosing someone to work with, it is essential that you choose someone you feel comfortable talking to. It is also important that they have a breadth of experience to call upon as you talk about the things you want to achieve and the challenges that affect you. What makes me unique is I have both a personal development and business background. I know what it is like to face situations such as:

  • Working for yourself and the responsibility and challenges that entails
  • Working for others and having others work for you and managing those relationships
  • Working with ‘difficult customers’
  • The stress of too many things to do and not enough time
  • Challenges such as networking, cold calling, presentations and doing those things that trip you up

Already a high achiever, I was sceptical how efficient business coaching would be. Thanks to Joanne’s persistence I have got my tendency to self doubt and procrastinate well under control. Challenges I had as a director that I had been agonising over for months only took 10 minutes to resolve following a session. Thanks Joanne – extremely valuable. Peter – Maidenhead

Working with business owners

During my career, I have set up and run my own successful businesses in Stress Management and Business & Personal Performance. I have worked for both small companies and large corporations in a variety of roles. The following demonstrates my breadth of experience when working with small to medium sized companies:

  • Business Owner working with over 500 clients, dealing with marketing, sales, financial accounting as well as service delivery
  • Department Manager with a budget of £5 million and 50+ staff
  • Project Manager, running projects ranging from 100 to 2000+ days with teams of 2 people to 30 plus. Working within the following industries advertising, law & professional services, telecommunications and utilities plus many others
  • Business Analyst working with financial services, pharmaceuticals, entertainment industry and publishing

Joanne worked with me through a particularly difficult time when I had many pressures in my business life and I needed to generate clarity about my direction and the decisions I was making. She was professional yet empathetic, supportive and positive throughout the process and this helped me to increase the options that were open to me and take action that worked. I would recommend Joanne as a business coach to anyone.

Bryan – Brighton